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Medical Service Packages

Adult Physical Check-up

Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing offers the personalized physical checkup service, and the tailored checkup package will be applied after consulting with a experience doctor. To ensure a better understanding about your current health status, our doctor will explain the reports and offer suggestion to you after checkup.

Children&Teenager Physical Check-up

Never too much to emphasis on how important Childhood is to everyone. Pediatricians from Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing suggest regular growth evaluation shall be applied. To satisfy the need of different age groups and provide a comprehensive evaluation, we developed 4 different package for infants, pre-school kids, school kids and teenagers.

Vaccination Program

Vaccination in accordance with the scientific immunization program is one of the most effective ways to help children improving their own immunity and prevent infectious diseases. Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing renders the individual immunization program according to children of different nationalities and ......

Female Physical Check-up

Women, shoulder equal responsibilities as men do in modern society, however, men and women have quite different healthcare concerns. From the first menstruation to the last, being pregnant or mother child, the challenges that women face are constant but variable in different time period. We are with you in this, protect your health against all challenges.

Male Physical Check-up

Couldn’t care less about your health condition? But bad lifestyle like smoking, alcohol abuse and intense stress will take its toll. This checkup package is to screening the signs of prostate & testicle cancer.