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Immigration Check-up


The Immigration Medical Examination Center of Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing is an authorized medical institution, which provides immigration physical checkup for Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea and Malaysia.
Strictly follow the standard procedure that required by the Embassy, we provide comfortable environment and highly efficient service.


Service Hotline:

Medical Service Center

010 - 6553 9733

010 - 6553 9752

135  2042  1740

After July 1st please call 

010 - 8541 2788

135  2042  1740

Service Hour: Monday - Sunday 9:00 am—5:00 pm

Enquiry E-mail: pe@hkclinic.com 

Location: Podium Level, W-3 Office Tower,Oriental Plaza,Beijing


    Immigration checkup for Canada

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   Immigration checkup for United Kingdom  

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   Immigration checkup for South Korea 

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    Immigration checkup for Malaysia

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