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Immigration checkup for Canada

Physical Examination for Canadian Long term visa and Immigration applying

-  Please bring alone the physical examination requirement letter or Form (1017) issued by Canadian Embassy if applicable.
-  Please bring alone the Passport and a copy of the first page.
-  Please bring 1 pieces of colored photo, 2 inches.
-  Please bring eye wear if applicable.
-  Please avoid menstruation period.
-  Fasting for 8 hours is required for applicant who had or having hypertension/ Diabetes/ Cardiovascular Disease
-  Legal guardian companion is required for applicant under 16.

Test Items & Service Charge:

Age GroupTest Items

Service Charge (RMB)

Above 15Consultation, Chest X-ray, Urine tests, blood tests1,550
Consultation, Chest X-ray, Urine tests1,250
5-10 Consultation, Urine tests850
Under 5Consultation500